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Virtual Cheers

Using Zoom backgrounds to raise funds for NYC bars during Covid-19,

earning an estimated $50,000 in staff donations and national news coverage.


Creative Lead, Social, Digital, PR


NYC Hospitality Alliance

Press & Awards

New York Times, NY1 News, Time Out New York



The Covid 19 pandemic impacted many businesses, but none more than bars and restaurants. Places that rely on in-person interactions to survive. In NY especially, a record number of bars closed, and many hospitality workers were left without a source of income. We partnered with the NYC Hospitality Alliance to do something about it. 

SOLUTION is a platform that encourages people to download a Zoom background of their favorite bar, donate to their staff relief fund and have virtual meetings in the bar with their friends. 150+ New York bars have applied, and the idea made national news, including New York Times and TV.

New_York_Times_Virtual_Cheers_RXM copy.jpg

Over 45,000 users in the first week

Virtual Cheers took off instantly, with over 45,000 global users in the first week.

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