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Ray-Ban - Blind Date Booth

Ray-Ban asked us to create an activation that can be implemented at +50 music festivals worldwide.  We created ‘The Blind Date Booth,’ an experience where total strangers would meet in a photo booth, connecting to the #ItTakesCourage brand strategy. 


Strategy, Creative Development,

Production, Community




MTV, Vice



Ray-Ban sponsors dozens of music festivals around the world each year. The challenge was to create a festival activation with global resonance and great content potential to help implement it locally across all markets and stay true to the #ItTakesCourage strategic umbrella. 


The Blind Date Booth is an activation idea that allows people to open their hearts and spontaneously share a booth and photo with a stranger at a festival.

We created the concept, the design and the global toolkit for every market to implement at their local festival. The simple idea proved to be a resounding success across the board. 


1. Line up and enter the booth

Yes, you'll meet a total stranger.

2. Make out,
share a secret, etc.

What happens in the booth, stays in the booth, or not?


3. Share in social

If you feel like it.

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