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Bringing MAM Baby Closer to Moms

How celebrating Moms helped MAM Baby bottles become the closest alternative.

When it comes to breastfeeding, there is nothing quite like it. It has numerous health and emotional benefits for the mom and the baby. However, for various reasons, sometimes breastfeeding is not an option for moms.

For those times, they can opt for the closest alternative, MAM Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Bottles.

With a 94% teat acceptance among babies, MAM baby bottles offer the most natural feeling and the most seamless transition from breast to bottle.

This benefit inspired our new global campaign for MAM Baby: The Closest Thing to Mom.

Initially, we were envisioning a classic TV commercial shoot, in a location, with 4 different moms. But together with our client, we realized that the intimate feeling of the campaign deserved a more authentic approach.

So, we decided to brief moms from all over the world to shoot it themselves. The footage was entirely shot by real moms from the US, France, and Norway, in their own homes, with the help of their partners.

We brought it all back together and created a series of TV commercials that were distributed in the UK, Germany, and the US.

The Closest Thing to Mom outperformed previous campaigns by 83% in the US, 64% in Germany, and 62% in the UK.

As a result of a successful first campaign together, we are now in the process of executing our 2nd project with MAM Baby, which is due to launch in Q4 of 2023.

Stay tuned!

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