Amika Hair Care - Love All Your Hair Days

360 brand awareness campaign that resulted in a 12% increase in brand awareness, 15% increase in Sephora sales and nationwide press.


360° Brand Awareness Campaign: Social, Digital, Video Ads, Out of Home



Press & Awards

Glossy, Adobo Mag



Born in Brooklyn, Amika is mostly known for its dry shampoo. But the brand has an extensive range of natural, effective products that cater to the various hair needs of their diverse customer base. 


We all have great hair days once in a blue moon. But with the right care, we can learn to love every hair day. So, we decided to showcase a variety of relatable  hair day stories and how Amika products can help make them better, encouraging people to “Love all your hair days.”


Shot with on film with director/photographer Anisha Sisodia 

and director of photography Steven Mastorelli, the campaign featured among others disability advocate Bri ScalesseElizabeth Sweetheart aka. the Green Lady of Brooklyn. The campaign launched with connected Hulu TV ads paid social ads and a series of static and video billboards in Los Angeles shopping center The Grove.

"Brand lift studies showed strong increase in awareness for
18-24 year old consumer, a testament to strong creative -
LA Sephora stores outperformed broader Sephora stores during timeframe of OOH campaign."

K. Martin, Senior Vice President Marketing


Instagram Filter

We created a custom AR Instagram filter where users can flip randomly through different hair days. The beauty filter had over 300,000 uses in the first weeks of the campaign.