Clients: Ray-Ban, Harper’s Bazaar, Sunglass Hut

Culture Hacks


The top-performing posts for brands like Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut or Harper’s Bazaar are real-time content responses that capitalize on a cultural trend or react to a current event as it happens. We call them ‘Culture Hacks’.

Harper’s Bazaar: The video was posted seconds after Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar in 2016. With 224.000 views, it set a new record of engagement for Harper’s Bazaar.

RAY-BAN #SaltBae

Salt Bae was one of the most viral memes of the past few years. Noticing his preference for Ray-Ban glasses, we decided to pay him a tribute in social. The 150.000 views in 24 hours set an engagement record for Ray-Ban.

Working closely with our clients and having a very nimble process allows us to produce a ‘culture hack’ in a matter of minutes after an event had happened.


On Valentine’s Day, we decided to twist the Instagram functionality in Sunglass Hut’s favor. Not only did this set an Instagram record for Sunglass Hut, it was also picked up by several influencers, breaking the brand’s all-time engagement record by over 25.000 likes for the post.