Filtered by Sunglass Hut

Growing the brand in social through a 4-year partnership.


Launch Sunglass Hut in social media

Build a social strategy based on the global brand positioning

Unify all Sunglass Hut channels under one tone of voice

Grow a community through content series and influencer partnerships.

Step 1

Define the Social Strategy

Based on the ‘Find your cool’ brand positioning, RXM developed ‘Filtered by Sunglass Hut’.

A social strategy for curating and creating relevant content across all social channels. Engaging consumers on every touchpoint in a useful and inspiring way.

Step 2

Visual Language & Tone of Voice

Establish a consistent visual language and tone of voice that is relevant to both the consumer and the culture.


Step 3

Content Series

Through recurring content series we give people a reason to refer back to our feed for useful content. For Sunglass Hut, RXM created over 15 content series. Below are a only a few.



Top fashion influencers style a trend of sunglasses in a monthly multi-channel series.


Artists from all over the world celebrate iconic sunglasses through illustration.

‘Frames of the World’ Series

Worldwide streetstyle photography delivers the latest trends in sunglasses, including New York, London, Cape Town, Paris, Rio and Sydney.

Step 4

Pick your Influencers

Once the strategic framework was in place, we found relevant partners to enhance reach and engage a larger audience. These included Man Repeller, Hailey Baldwin, Cipriana Quann, TK Wonder, Cailin Russo or Gareth Pugh.

Step 5

Real-time real talk

Be ready to react to current events in a creative and brand consistent way. Some are calendar dates like Valentine’s Day or 4th of July. Some are things that just happened in the news yesterday.

Step 6

Spikes of attention

Every year, we create a number of events and initiatives that spike attention and reached a broader audience.

London Fashion Week in Real-Time

As principal sponsor of London Fashion Week, Sunglass Hut asked RXM to develop a live content strategy that fit with the overall strategy of the brand.


Step 7

Measurement and continuous improvement

Real-time KPI tracking, measurement and analysis to extract learnings and best practices that continuously evolve and improve the performance of the content, while building a long-term connection with the audience.



Consumer Research, Digital Strategy, Creative Direction, Production, Community + Influencer Management

Community growth of +220K on Instagram, +2MM on Facebook, +40K on Twitter 

+250k monthly brand engagements, +70% growth in e-com sales from social